The purpose of this blog-experiment is to create a place to express thoughts and memories of the good and the bad.  Primarily on topics that pertain to upland birds, bird dogs, and hunting.  It is and will be nothing more than a place to explore the experiences that so many of us live out, in our pursuit of our passions or for some, a favorite past time.  For some its an addiction, a reason to keep pushing forward.  Bird hunting… to some it simply means the killing of game birds a few times a year.  To others it takes on a totally different meaning.

As a kid, I would read magazine articles about the different species of North American upland birds, in different habitats and haunts, that were hunted with different dogs.  This peaked my interests to a point of breaking the confines of the local covers and the familiar game.  No longer would I be held down to the restrictions of our bird season.  I knew there were other game birds out there and I was going to find them.

The writing here may or may not be of any value to the literary world, and I am okay with that.  Feel free to leave comments, both good and bad.  I want to use this place to grow and learn.

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